Tad Brockway picture

Tad Brockway

General Manager for Azure Media and Entertainment, Azure Storage and Azure Stack, Microsoft


Tad’s recently taken a deep interest in media and entertainment given the strong storage and hybrid components of media workflows.  With the sponsorship of Jason Zander (EVP, Microsoft Azure) and Scott Guthrie (EVP, Cloud + AI) he is spearheading a new cloud strategy, focused on content and content creators, across Microsoft.

Tad’s team also drives the customer, product, and business roadmap for Azure Storage which is the core data durability service for the Azure public cloud. Azure Storage includes support for object storage, virtual disks for IaaS, files, tables, and queues. Prior to Azure Storage Tad led a variety of enterprise technology focused teams: Azure Compute, Azure Fabric, Remove FX and Remote Desktop virtualization.

Tad specializes in program management, business leadership, transformation of enterprise workflows and C/C++ development for complex software systems for Microsoft Azure, Linux and Windows

Tad has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA from the University of Washington. When not at work, Tad enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids, along with mountain biking and running.