Take control of your deployments with Azure Pipelines & YAML

Take control of your deployments with Azure Pipelines & YAML

Infrastructure as Code in ARM templates, scripts required in configuration… Little by little, every piece of the puzzle required to get your code into production is becoming a part of the same repository. Now with Azure Pipelines YAML, the last piece – your whole deployment workflow – can be included there as well!

Join Pasi Huuhka as he walks through the most useful features of Azure Pipelines with the YAML schema and how to use them. He will also provide real world insight into what he has found to be the best way to transition from classic pipelines to YAML, pros & cons and YAML pipeline development workflow & tooling.

Are you ready to start mastering Azure Pipelines YAML? This session will set you on the right path.

You should attend if you are interested in learning more about Azure DevOps and Azure Pipelines in practice. You will also receive tips on how to streamline your own pipeline workflow and how to best structure them.

This session is also beneficial to you if you’re planning on completing the AZ-400 certification exam, as the topics covered are closely related to some of the skills measured.