Joonas Karjalainen

Principal Security Advisor, Architect & PFE


Joonas has over 25 year experience in cyber security and 19 years at Microsoft. He made first Pass-the-Hash demonstration 2002 when only few realized it’s going to be a huge security issue sooner or later. Joonas has worked as a white hat hacker, done & coached PEN testing, forensics and been part of some RED and BLUE teams. Joonas has delivered several hundreds of different security workshops and security assessments and nowadays he works closely with MS ATP Track, Windows OS, Group Policy, Active Directory and Azure security. Identity thefts are growing risk which Joonas tried to warn already 20 years ago.

“Most exploits and techniques I used 17 years ago STILL work with Windows 2019 and Windows 10. But also mitigations I introduced back then can protect your identity. I could still build a secure business system with Windows 2000 & IIS5 without any service packs or security updates.” – Joonas adds

Joonas has very technical background and in his role as Principal Security Advisor and Premier Field Engineer (PFE) he focuses also to business side of security.