Rob Kuehfus

Microsoft Program Manager


Rob Kuehfus (pronounced key-fus) is a Solutions Area Program Manager in Microsoft’s Customer Success team leading the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework efforts. Rob works with his team to develop solutions to unblock and accelerate Microsoft’s customers adoption of Azure.

Rob’s first tour of duty at Microsoft was as a Program Manager in the System Center and Windows Product Groups.  For a brief period, he left Microsoft to join a partner as Chief Operating Officer where he built a world class Azure consulting business.  Following success in that role, he returned to Microsoft as a Cloud Solutions Architect Advanced Security Lead with the US One Commercial Partner team and helped partners build their practices on Azure.

Rob lives in the Western New York region (Buffalo/Niagara Falls) with his wife and three kids.  He has many outside interests including concerts (preferably angry music), NFL football (huge Bills and Seahawks fan), and the outdoors.  Although mostly these days, Rob’s time is consumed with three active kids and their outside interests and events.