Event overview

Make no mistake. Everything that can be digitized will be digitized. And today the need to understand technology has spread outside the CIOs office across all areas of business. This means that business decision makers like you can no longer only rely on technical experts to make the right decisions, you need to be in charge. But how do you know which decisions are the right ones and what tech decisions you need to get involved with? Do you feel comfortable in your new role or do you feel you need to learn more about technology? Do you know where you need to invest and what decisions to make to ensure future growth?

TechDays for Business is where business decision makers meet, get inspired, expand and deepen their knowledge about technology and how to build their business. If you are looking for technology innovation sessions that provides leadership insights for both your business and personal digitization needs – then TechDays for Business is right for you. Connect with peers, learn from best practices and get prepared for the future. TechDays for Business is also a place to meet new friends and business partners.